I am a researcher at the higher school of computer science in Algiers, Algeria (www.esi.dz).

A member at LMCS laboratory (lmcs.esi.dz).

The current image project titled PERFORM.

The previous image project is MEDIMA.

My publications: scholar.google.fr

My researchgate account: www.researchgate.net

My conferences presentations: www.slideshare.net

My conferences videos: www.youtube.com


Office number: 06 at LMCS laboratory

ESI mail: [email protected]

Personal mail: [email protected]

Postal address: BP 68M, 16309, Oued Smar, Algiers, Algeria

Tel: 00 213 23 93 91 32

Fax: 00213 23 93 91 34

Telex: 63.529